high school prep: june 10-july 31, 2019


High School Prep is a 8-week, 15-session program designed to progressively build fitness and soccer skills in preparation for high school tryouts and seasons.  This program was founded in 2012 by Nancy Slocum and Kate Grant, both long-time high school soccer coaches at Concord-Carlisle High School and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School respectively.  The program features an ACL injury prevention curriculum, specialized goalkeeper instruction and  guest appearances by college soccer coaches.  We also offer optional workshops prior to the sessions (at no additional cost), covering topics such as the college recruiting process, goal setting and mental preparation for competition.


The goals of High School Prep are to prepare players physically and mentally for the rigors of high school tryouts, reduce the incidence of injuries (in particular ACL tears and, to the degree possible, concussions) and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for players to continue training on their own.  The program is the result of extensive research and training at conferences at the Micheli Center for Sport Injury Prevention in Waltham, MA,  as well as decades of coaching experience at the college and high school levels. 


In a typical session, players will complete:
• a dynamic warm-up (which is not just a warm up but also an integral component of the injury prevention program)
• an ACL injury prevention program (includes core/stability training, plyometrics, balance, proprioception and neuromuscular training)
• fitness training (cardio-vascular conditioning and agility training)
• soccer skills training
• play in fast-paced small-sided games (played with regulation sized goals)
• goalkeepers will be provided with specialized goalkeeper skills training and fitness training

The fitness demands are increased progressively throughout the summer.  By the end of the 8-week program, players will be well prepared for high school varsity tryouts!

Traveling a bit over the summer?  When players miss a session, they can access the workout on our NEW Athlete All Access page and complete it on their own.

Looking to continue training into August? Girls entering 9th grade receive a reduced rate when they register for both High School Prep and our Day Camp.  Find more information on our FAQ Page!

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