Slocum Soccer School


John Simon, Vice President/Girls Director LSYS and Parent of Day Camp campers

Slocum is one of the rare soccer camps that understands girls.  The coaches provide just the right balance of technical  development and fun while nurturing their confidence and love for playing.   Emma and Lauren love this camp and look forward to coming back every year with their friends and teammates.

Jim Rice, former CCYS Association President & parent of a High School Prep camper

This session that you ran last summer was truly exceptional.  Our kids are so fortunate to have this opportunity.  We will be signing our daughter up for the session again next year.  Just wanted to say hi and tell you that this was a GREAT program.   

Melissa Hart, Parent of Day Camp campers and Belmont High School Varsity Basketball Coach

Slocum Soccer School's Day Camp is one of the best run and most fun soccer camps for girls.  The staff is experienced providing great soccer instruction in a fun learning environment for girls of all ages there.  I coached college soccer for many years as well as youth soccer and other sports and have worked and seen many sports camps, this is one of the most organized and professionally run camps with directors who are so conscientious about every detail and the experience of all involved, staff and campers alike which makes for a superb atmosphere.  My own daughters went for the first time last summer and have chosen this camp as their number one camp to return to next summer

Parent of a High School Prep camper/FC Stars NPL team member

  Thank you for offering this program again. You can count on my daughter to take advantage of this opportunity to train. Let me say I think the program has been very helpful for her to physically and mentally prepare for the high school season. Also the emphasis on prevention of female injuries, diet, and a healthy lifestyle has made Maeve acutely aware of the need to be a committed athlete on and off the field. Additionally the direct exposure to college and professional level coaching has been extremely helpful. Thanks again for supporting the girls' preparation. 

Parent of a Day Camp camper

My daughter, Noula, had a wonderfully fun week at your soccer camp.  Thanks to you and your team for making her week so memorable.  She already told us that she wants to make this a yearly tradition!

Parent of Day Camp campers

I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate you making the opportunity for Rayne to attend camp with her older sister, Sage.  They have both come home exhausted and super happy the last two days.  Rayne getting Camper of the Day was also huge.  You can probably imagine that she wanted it framed and hung right next to Sage's Camper of the Day awards from last year.

Parent of a Day Camp camper

Our daughter Katherine is at Slocum Soccer School's Day Camp this week and loves it!  I just wanted to give you the feedback that this is a great camp.  CCYS is so lucky to have this great resource for the kids pre-season.  I wish we had something like this for lacrosse.  Katherine said that she got great feedback from the coaches and that the scrimmages were productive and very fun.  She was so excited to arrive and reconnect with all her friends.  Katherine loved the level of play and said she got lots of complements from the coaches.  Very positive experience.  As a new family to this camp just wanted you to know it is well done.

Parent of a Day Camp camper/FC Stars of Mass ECNL team member

As things slowed down this week, I realized I never thanked you for another great week of camp this summer. Ellery had another amazing week and enjoyed herself enormously the entire time. We cannot say enough wonderful things about your camp and will encourage as many soon-to-be-6th graders to sign up for it this summer. Its important for girls who love soccer to have this camp available to them.

Parent of a High School Prep camper after attending the college recruiting panel discussion

Thank you. Really a terrific opportunity for the girls. When I picked them (Maya, Zoe, Emma) up on Monday they were so fired up from the practice. I got the impression that the session was very humbling for them, but it sounded like it made them quite determined to up their game.

Parent of a Day Camp camper

Thanks for running such a well-regarded program. We are literally planning our vacation around it this summer!

Parent of a High School Prep camper

Thanks for running a great program. My daughter enjoyed it and the consistency of the program all summer was great for her.  Her team is attending a two-week fitness clinic in Winchester and she felt she was prepared for it based upon her experience at your clinic this summer.  

Parent of a High School Prep camper

Just a quick note of thanks. Eliza is really enjoying High School Prep. She comes home in a great mood after every practice.

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